Hiring an Asphalt Repair Company: Things to Keep in Mind


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Asphalt driveways, walkways, and parking lots need repairs for safety and security. No property owner wants a cracked or uneven surface where people always fall over. That’s why entrusting something as significant as your driveway to a reputed company is essential.


So, if you’ve been searching for an asphalt installation, repair, or maintenance company in Tacoma, Auburn, and Federal Way, continue reading. This blog explores the most crucial elements to remember while selecting the perfect service for your unique asphalt needs. 


Why is asphalt repair important for your business? 

Constant use and exposure to extreme weather conditions can cause your asphalt to depreciate, and not repairing it promptly can lead to unnecessary troubles and legal battles. 

Here are some common reasons why asphalt repair and maintenance in Auburn, Tacoma, and Federal Way is something you just shouldn’t avoid. 

  • It reduces congestion and limits accidents.

On average, over 3.3 million people yearly get hurt by a road accident, and around 45,000 lose their precious lives after suffering deep injuries and trauma. Carrying out timely asphalt repairs and maintenance in the Federal Way can limit and prevent traffic accidents while ensuring the safety of children and senior citizens. 

Furthermore, a damaged or cracked road can also lead to traffic jams and frustrating standstills, which results in pollution caused by excess gasoline.

  • It is cost-efficient.

It’s a fact that asphalt repair and maintenance is much more expensive than installation and replacement. When you notice fresh cracks or chips, it’s best to hire an expert asphalt repair company to repair damages and conduct routine inspections.


  • It prevents complete deterioration.

Repairing, patching, and maintaining asphalt pavements in Auburn driveways and walkways prevents the lane from completely deteriorating, limiting accidents and injuries. Furthermore, the appearance of a worn-out road also impacts the impression and reputation of your property. 

  • It prevents lawsuits and legal notices.

As a property owner, you’re responsible and liable to fix and repair any harm/damage/deterioration on your property. Any individual hurt or injured in your parking lot or driveway can sue you for lack of maintenance on your part. You will also be held responsible for any vehicular damage or external destruction on your property. 


Some things to keep in mind when hiring an asphalt paving company

Asphalt installation, repair, and maintenance can be a big and tiresome job, so hiring an experienced, reputed company is extremely crucial. Homeowners should always research thoroughly to find the perfect repair company to keep your parking area and driveways in good condition.


Here are some things to keep in mind while hiring an asphalt paving company,

  • Always hire a credible, experienced company.

The most crucial thing to consider while hiring an asphalt installing and repair company in Auburn, Tacoma, and Federal Way is ensuring they have enough experience and credibility in your local area. Hiring an accomplished contractor guarantees they have the necessary knowledge and expertise to do the job seamlessly. 

It always helps to look for a service provider that has been in the business for a good chunk of time and has completed projects similar to yours. If they’ve paved and repaired pathways and driveways resembling your requirements, there’s a fat chance they won’t disappoint you.

  • Don’t forget to look at customer reviews and ratings.

Before you say yes to an asphalt installing and repair company in Federal Way, ask the contractors for personal references from past customers. You can always get an idea of the company’s standing in the industry by looking at their reviews from previous projects. Check for ratings on Better Business Bureau, Yelp, and Angie’s List to gain insight into the quality of work and the expected timeframe.  

  • Confirm Insurance Coverage And Licensing

The asphalt paving company you choose should be licensed to function in Washington. A professional asphalt maintenance contractor in Tacoma always provides insurance, licensing, and permit proof while negotiating a contract. 


As a responsible consumer, you should always ask for the required paperwork and formalities to avoid any future legal implications or misunderstandings. Check if the company is bonded and has insurance to cover any potential damages made to your property.

  • Ensure they provide a written contract before the project.

Always finalize the price and ask for a written contract covering every aspect of the job. The contract should properly specify the date of completion, terms and conditions of the project, total costs, and warranty information. Having everything documented protects both parties if something were to go wrong throughout the Auburn asphalt repair and maintenance process.

  • Check if they provide any additional services.

Ensure that your chosen asphalt paving company provides any additional facilities like pothole repair, rut maintenance, or crack filling and seal coating services. They should be experts at laying down lines and symbols for easy navigation and marking off individual parking spaces and handicapped spots.


If your asphalt installing, repair, and maintenance company in Tacoma, Federal Way, and Auburn offers extra services, it’ll ultimately benefit you as a consumer because you won’t have to travel around looking for additional companies.

  • Verify that they carry proper tools and equipment.

An asphalt project is a huge investment, so naturally, the crew should come with the right equipment, tools, and materials to complete all the required tasks. They should have a skid steer, motorized asphalt roller, and paving machine to keep your asphalt looking and performing its best. This ensures proper project execution for a lasting experience. 


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Choosing the perfect asphalt repair and maintenance company in Federal Way, Tacoma, and Auburn can be intimidating, but with the right guidance, you can make the right decision confidently. 


The correct asphalt repair service brings experience, highly-trained professionals, reliability, and commitment to quality work to the project. All the qualities that make McLeod Asphalt Maintenance LLC the fireball it is! 

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